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True solidarity


I recorded this last night. The volume was mad low because my daughter was sleeping, so that’s my annoying mistake. But the audio is clear, just turn up your volume or use headphones and listen closely to the astonishingly malicious reporting from CNN International (which takes over American CNN every night for some reason).

They have 3 [Black] eyewitnesses, which they completely disregard by framing a false equivalency with— and I’m not making this up, "an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers"

Whaaaaaat? You’re rebutting 3 eyewitnesses with  an anonymous caller who did NOT even see the events AND is a friend of the shooter? Really?

Where they do that at?

CNN continues, “"an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers says Michael Brown was the aggressor, which CNN has CONFIRMED matches the account officer Wilson gave authorities.”

Oh, you confirmed it did you? Of course it matches, she’s representing the guy who will literally say anything to stay out of jail. She already admitted that she could not possibly know if what she’s saying is true, and CNN broadcasts it around the world. Think about that. They use the word “confirmed” in an attempt to add validity to propoganda, while making it sound like they did some work.  

Then, as if that wasn’t crazy enough, they immediately play the ANONYMOUS person’s call/version of events on TV!! (With captioning to make sure the narrative really burns into your consciousness.) Her version has literally zero merit. They did not play any of the eyewitness accounts and went straight to a play-by-play from someone who WASN’T EVEN THERE??!!

That is a gross violation of journalistic responsibility and public trust.

The question is not “if” but why; why have news networks chosen a side?

DO NOT come to my timeline reprimanding me and accusing me of pointing blame for calling out the misinformation MY people have been fed about black on black crime that feeds the narrative that we are all a bunch of savages who don’t care for ourselves when I counter that misinformation with the TRUE statistics. And REALLY do not argue with me that all we need is love and compassion. Like Jane Elliot said in 1992 “We have had love in this country for 500 years. We have yet to get justice. I’m sold on justice.” 
You wanna talk about love?! MY PEOPLE have shown nothing but love for this nation since we were STOLEN and brought here in chains centuries ago. We have tilled this land you stole, we have bought into your religion, we have raised your children, we have cooked your meals, we have cleaned your homes and we have fought your wars. All the while being beaten, raped and denied our basic civil liberties by the very nation we built! All the while being treated as less than human. All the while BEGGING, FIGHTING AND DYING for a change.
Centuries after being kidnapped from our beautiful home, MY PEOPLE can’t walk down the street without fear of being beaten, brutalized or worse, KILLED and you wanna talk to me about love?! 
WE HAVE SHOWN YOU LOVE FOR CENTURIES NOW and what have we gotten in return?! 
Miss me with your “love” talk, bruh. You’re privilege is showing.
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A white friends response to my post about the myth of black on black crime:
“Ummmm….the focus should really be on everybody treating each other in a more respectful and humane way. Learning to wield power responsibly, to respond to injustice appropriately, and to look at everyone around you as a brother or sister so that you feel a sense of love and responsibility for them instead of hatred and bigotry. And that it doesn’t currently work like that is not the doing of any one race of ppl. Finger pointing (which is what you just did) in any direction is not how problems get solved. As someone who is white and not racist in anyway, I find myself offended by this, just as any black man would when he reads an article in light of this situation that basically blames him for the ills of society. Especially when he is a hardworking, contributing member of society not only financially, but spiritually as well to the community in which he lives. Basically, you just made yourself seem exactly like the ranting racists that you’re trying to call out.”

If I see one more post about black on black crime, I’m gonna scream. Black on black crime is a myth. Crime is a matter of proximity. Every credible study shows this. Every sociologist worth his salt has said this. Every statistic shows this. Black on black crime is no more prevalent than white on white crime or Hispanic on Hispanic crime, or Asian on Asian crime. You know why? because people that look alike tend to live in close proximity to each other and most crimes are committed in their own neighborhoods. black on black crime is a myth propagated by white people to take our eyes off of the crimes they commit against us, the systemic failures of this nation against us and to make us look like monsters who don’t care for our own. 
Columbine was a white on white crime. Sandy hook was white on white crime. Killeen was white on white crime. Bernie Madoff committed a white on white crime. You don’t see white folks on television or on FB talking about “we need to stop killing our own before we can focus on…”. You know why? Because there is nothing that the powers that be are trying to avert their attention from. They ARE the powers that be. 
And while we’re at it, let me mention a few other points:
- Black on Black homicide has dropped from a high of 94% in the 1990s to 91.3% in 2012. This may not seem significant, until you realize that White on White homicide has risen during the same period.
- 56.5 percent of all gang related homicides are committed by white people. 
83% of white murders in 2011 were commited by white people and only 14% were by black people.
- According to the justice dept., white men are more likely to kill than any other racial group. 
- According to Bureau of Justice stats, white men compared to blacks are more likely to kill children, family members, significant others and the elderly than any other racial group.

Quit letting propaganda by these white folks make you feel like we need to fear each other when according to the numbers, the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD should fear them!

It wasn’t always sugar and spice. Happy Women’s Month

Last week, as I was rummaging around, searching for an old recipe I had written, I found a journal. In this journal I found a picture of myself. A picture in words. A picture of the girl I once was, that not many of you know. And since this is Women’s Month and I think one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other is wisdom, encouragement and strength, I’ve decided to share with you. Please be patient with me. I am not a writer, and it’s been a long time since I’ve talked about any of this.

10 years ago this month, I ended a physically abusive relationship. The less physical events were things like being shoved, full force, into walls, or being knocked down the stairs so he could get out of the apartment. The worst of it was the night that he came home home drunk at 6am.  He woke me up out of my sleep, ripping and tearing at my underwear and tank top and tried to sexually assault me. When I fought, he literally kicked me in my back, out of the bed and onto the floor where I knocked my head on the night stand. The following week, I attempted to commit suicide. It was a feeble attempt. Maybe more of a cry for help, a desperate plea for him to see what his actions were doing to me. Either way, I downed a bottle of over the counter sleep aids with half a bottle of cheap white wine, made some final phone calls and waited for it to be over. One of those phone calls was to a cousin who knew my then boyfriend and called him worried that something wasn’t right. He begrudgingly came home, carried me to the bathroom, put his finger down my throat and made me throw up. After a cold shower and a glass of milk, he left and went to his mothers house. I moved out a couple weeks later, and a month later, at my fathers request, I moved back to California. Okay, I’m lying. My father DEMANDED I move back. If I recall correctly his words were “You need to come home NOW, because you guys don’t want me to come there. It won’t be pretty. For him, at least.”. So I moved. I stayed in California for almost a year. I surrounded myself with family and friends that loved me. I got stronger, mentally and physically. When I moved back to NYC, I still struggled with relationships. I still had my fair share of heartbreaks. However, I would never again be the girl lying at the bottom of the stairs. I got up. I started a company. I found a career that I’m wildly passionate about and I love myself more than any man could. 

I’m not writing this to vilify or condemn my ex boyfriend. I actually forgave him a long time ago and we’re even pretty chill with each other these days. We aren’t friends, but we are by no means enemies. I didn’t write this essay to expose abuse or sexual assault either. I wrote this to inspire strength and hope in women who don’t always feel strong or hopeful. I want every woman and girl who’s ever felt powerless to see my purple mohawk and neon spandex and know that at one point, I felt just like them. I fought tho. I learned to love myself. And here I am now. telling you that it wasn’t always sugar and spice, but ten years later, life sure is everything nice.

I’ve attached those pictures to this essay. They’re painful. They scream of hurt and desperation. They are images of a person I never want to be and they are images of a person none of you ever have to be. Fight to be whole, fight to love yourself. be better than I was then.

Happy Women’s Month to everyone out there! Just like I hope this essay (poorly written as it may be) inspires you guys, you all inspire me every day to be the person I am. I love you all.

Lmao! @iheartjada

Lmao! @iheartjada

Yeeeeeeahhhh, buddy! This is what the hell you call progress! 6 weeks in. 6 to go. #4MilesADay #Stairs #Squats

Yeeeeeeahhhh, buddy! This is what the hell you call progress! 6 weeks in. 6 to go. #4MilesADay #Stairs #Squats

More valuable than any Picasso! #Masterpiece TaylorRenee #Niece  #Love

More valuable than any Picasso! #Masterpiece TaylorRenee #Niece #Love

Ugh! I swear its not the pinot. I truly adore @donaldglover. Intelligent, funny AND cute?! Sign me up!

Ugh! I swear its not the pinot. I truly adore @donaldglover. Intelligent, funny AND cute?! Sign me up!